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Motorsatria One of the new features available on the Kawasaki Z800 is on the security features. The big motor in the premium category is already equipped with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) on the braking system. This feature serves to avoid brake which can be buttoned himself when the braking process and to create a more perfect grip of the brakes and the grip on the process of sudden braking. Another new feature is a feature piggyback placed at the bottom of the seat that serves to reposition to the left side and increases the cooling process on the machine so that the motor remains stable when the streets are bad or even hollow. Features of the motor Kawazaki this one was given to match the character of the motor used touring out of town.

Another advantage of the Kawasaki Z800 is the digital speedometer with a full panel is divided into 3 parts. The first part or main panel contains trip meter, clock, odometer and speedometer pointer course that will allow you to watch the clock or checking the motor speed when driving on the road. The second part is a panel Economical Riding Indicator located in the center of the LCD and turn signal indicators and headlights on the side. The third part is a panel containing fuel meter indicator or pointer fuel to allow you to check the remaining fuel there. Kawasaki is using the concept of minimalism combined with a modern twist on the speedometer to give the impression of user friendly. harga motor satria f150

Differences latest Kawasaki Z800 output in 2015 is very visible from the body design more portray an aura of true street fighter than the old version, which was launched in 2013 ago. This bike looks so handsome with gambot body shape and filled with sharp indentations and use the split so that the pillion seat model would be more comfortable. Impression 'gahar' so visible from the front with the use of a headlamp that is shaped like a predator and from the side with the use of a curved upper engine and equipped with shrouds made lower. In addition, the impression of 'gahar' also look engine cover is made angular Taja. Wlaupun impressed gahar, Kawasaki still provide a beautiful touch to the use of LED lights shaped taillight slim. Price Kawasaki Z800 2015 output is priced at Rp. JADETABEKSER 210 million for the region, the price is more expensive than when it was first launched.

Price Kawasaki Z800 when first launching in 2013, offered by the IMA with an attractive price of Rp 169 million to Jakarta and surrounding areas. In terms of almost all the same specifications that use berkatup DOHC inline 4-cylinder and has a capacity of 806cc. What is different is of the features ABS and colors that only have one choice only color: green.

In 2014, prices rose somewhat Kawasaki Z800 is available in the Indonesian automotive market with the price of Rp. 173.9 million. The kitchen runway specifications of Z800 remains the same. This motor is also capable of storing up to 17 liters of fuel, with the addition of technology Fuel Injection 34 mm 4 (Mikuni) which serves to make the fuel consumption becomes more efficient despite the relatively large kitchen runway performance. In terms of speed, the iron horse is capable of racing up to 100 km / h in just 3.5 seconds. This proves that if the Z800 is very agile and speeding when driving on black asphalt.
Physically, the Z800 has a length of 2,100 mm and a width of 800 mm and height of 1,050 mm making it suitable ridden by anyone with any body type. This motor also has a weight of 13 kg heavier than the other big bike that weighs 229 kg, but the comfort is ensured. In terms of the capacity of the fuel tank has a capacity of 17 liters making it suitable for traveling long distances. Coupled with the use of KYB 41mm upside-down front fork for suspense and suspense KYB rear shock to increasingly improve the appearance of one's MOGE. motor satria f150

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